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Sean Staples is a California based working film and television composer, producer, writer on the hit single “Dancer” by Flo Rida, and a finalist for Best Original Score at the Burbank International Film Festival (BIFF 2018). Having previously worked with artists like Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, The Temptations, Matchbox20, Ludacris, Saliva, Third Eye Blind and many others with his drum brand (Shine Drum & Percussion), his passion for music and motion media scoring are omnipresent in every project.

Since the age of 9 when he first picked up a violin and began studying via the Suzuki Method, his sights were fixed on symphony and orchestra. Sean’s formal music education began under the renowned Linda Ghidossi-De Luca (Skywalker Symphony Orchestra/Dixie Chicks) and he ultimately sat first chair viola for the Santa Rosa Symphony Youth Orchestra by the age of 14. Sean went on to study music at Cal State University Sacramento and began session engineering in the studio and writing for a variety of uses.

Sean’s primary focus today is rooted in film and tv/media scoring and professional songwriting. His library of written songs, music, compositions and scores continue to grow and range from current radio to full orchestral film arrangements and modern ambient scoring. Sean’s objective is to challenge himself daily with great projects and continually grow his catalog and evolve musically to meet the demand for engaging and dynamic music for today’s creative industries.

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Podcast Interview: Jaret Goes to The Movies

Was very honored to get the chance to be a guest on Jaret Goes to The Movies latest podcast. Spoke for about an hour on everything from Shine Drums days, composing...
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Nominated for BIFF Award

I am honored to be nominated for Best Original Score/Composition for my score to Despite My Spiteful Mind at the Burbank International Film Festival in September. I had another amazing collaboration...
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Flo Rida “Dancer” Single

I am super excited to finally get to announce that a song I am a writer on called “Dancer” by Flo Rida, comes out on Mar 2nd everywhere. Was very thrilled...
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